Vitamin B12 is an effective way to help cats feel more lively and stimulate appetite levels. Senior cats often have a deficiency of vitamin B12 in their bodies due to lack of absorption, so supplementing with a natural form of this vitamin is beneficial. Cats with chronic illnesses like IBD, pancreatitis, anemia, diabetes, kidney disease, hyperthyroidism and heart disease will also benefit greatly by adding Vitamin B12 to their daily diets.

B12 for Cats is the first non-synthetic liquid B12 for cats, and is more bioavailable than its synthetic counterpart because it is absorbed more readily by the body. Our formula contains no fructose, fillers, or artificial ingredients – only exactly what your cat needs in one distilled formula.

B12 for Cats (1 fl. oz.) is THE product you didn’t know your cat needed! Made in the USA. Keep refrigerated.



  • Adult cats: 1/2 (.5) ml dose once per day  (250mcg)

  • Kittens: 1/4 (.25) ml dose once per day (125 mcg)

  • Safely double the dose for cats with chronic illness.

  • B12 can be administered in food or water (though recommended in food and is safe to use in conjunction with other holistic solutions.

  • Keep Refrigerated

Ingredients: 250 mcg methylcobalamin | serving size .5 ml | servings per container 60

Other ingredients : vegetable glycerin, purified water

Side Effects: Improved appetite, increase in energy and vitality, improvement in cognitive and neurologic systems, weight gain in malnourished cats. Response times may vary. Safe for cats and dogs.


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