Catnip Alternatives (For Cats “meh” about Catnip)

This post is by Siena Lee-Tajiri.  Ten years ago, Siena brought a plate of homemade vegan brownies to her interview with Jackson Galaxy and well, she was hired! Of course, their mutual love for cats, music, and flower essences also played a part.

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In a recent scientific study, only 60% of cats reacted to catnip, while 90% had a noticeable reaction to silver vine.

Allow us to introduce you – and your cat – to 4 catnip alternatives from Space Kitty Express!

  • Silver Vine Fruit & Leaves
  • Organic Valerian Root & Lemongrass
  • Tatarian Honeysuckle Wood Chips*
  • Complete Cat Herb Blend

Jackson says

“I’ve been a huge fan of the Space Kitty Express toys from the get-go. Not only are they lovingly handcrafted and sturdy, but they allow you the freedom to find a scent that your cat loves. Move over, catnip – there’s some new kids on the block!”

Why else do we love these products?

– Honeysuckle, Silver Vine, and Valerian are incredible catnip alternatives for cats who (like my cat Bear) just don’t like catnip.

– These plant blends are perfect to refill Space Kitty Express mice or Jackson’s refillable kicker!

– These blends can easily replace traditional catnip for use in Jackson’s marinater line, too.

–  The Complete Cat Herb Blend contains everything: honeysuckle, silver vine, valerian root/lemongrass mix, AND catnip!

– Cats adore valerian, but humans don’t! It’s smelly! But Space Kitty Express blends theirs with lemongrass to help mask the valerian smell.

*IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE about Tatarian Honeysuckle Wood Chips: to prevent accidental inhalation, splinters, ingestion, or any other injuries to your cats, please give these wood chips to them indirectly. For example, put the chips into a thick sock and tie it closed, or, into a cat toy meant to be stuffed with catnip or other material.

One last insider’s note

Q: How does Space Kitty Silver Vine differ from Kitti Krack, the other silver vine product on our store?

A: Space Kitty’s Silver Vine is made of dried chunks of whole silver vine fruit, and dried leaves, while Kitti Krack’s silver vine is in powder form.  Bottom line: we offer more than one option, depending on what your cat prefers!

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