Everything You Need to Know About Senior Cats – National Adopt a Senior Pet Month

In honor of November being Adopt a Senior Pet Month, I want to encourage you to watch this video all about Senior cats and the things we as guardians can do to ensure our animal companions are living their absolute best lives well into their golden years! Once your cat hits double digits, it’s time to reevaluate everything from their health to their behavior and keep an eye out for certain things – and that’s why I’ve also put together the Senior Support set…it’s all about vital longevity!

The Senior Support set was designed to maximize the health and well-being for the specific needs of your senior cat in a holistic way – benefitting both the energetic and physical body. To help balance energetic blocks, Graceful Aging is a wonderful addition to your cat’s every day regimen and Stress Stopper helps to control energetic spikes that may lead to physical dis-ease. To further strengthen the physical body, liquid B12 is an essential vitamin supplement to help your senior cat with everything from their appetite, to overall vitality.

Check out my video all about senior cats here:

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