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  1. Which Personality Describes Your Cat?

    Which Personality Describes Your Cat?

    Personality and Your Cat Now you know what cat mojo is, and the primal instincts that motivate and get their mojo activated (hunt, catch, kill, eat, play, sleep and owning their territory). We’re going to focus on owning their territory/claiming space for a moment. Cats need to own their territory, if they don’t own [...]
  2. CAT MOJO: How To Read Cat Body Language

    CAT MOJO: How To Read Cat Body Language

    How to read Cat Body Language Jackson helps you accurately read your cat's body language. And trust us, your cat’s body language is very different than your dog’s! Here are six things your cat is trying to tell you.
  3. Scratching // #TeamCatMojo Tips

    Scratching // #TeamCatMojo Tips

    #TeamCatMojo Tips - Scratching When I meet people at various events and on the street, I often get the same question: “How can I get my cats to stop scratching my furniture?” I’m happy to help with this classic cat conundrum, but first off, never declaw. It’s inhumane, cruel, and unnecessary. Watch more on this [...]
  4. Play  // #TeamCatMojo Tips

    Play // #TeamCatMojo Tips

    #TeamCatMojo Tips - Play You guys have been great with sending your questions to us! This one recently caught my eye: "Got any tips about properly playing with my cat?" This is a good one! Playing with your cat should be easy enough, right? Well, sort of. Sometimes it can be difficult to gauge their [...]
  5. Vacations // #TeamCatMojo Tips

    Vacations // #TeamCatMojo Tips

    Vacations for Your Cat When I meet with people on the street, I get a lot of questions. I’m happy to share my cat-expertise with you. That’s why we’ve started a new series of emails full of #TeamCatMojoTips!  Many of us will be taking a vacation this summer, I know I’m looking forward to a [...]

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