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  1. Fur Dying Rant

    Fur Dying Rant

    I was looking through Facebook comments yesterday, and hiding among shoutouts and shared pictures was this:“Hey there, Cat Daddy! I’m a huge fan of the color purple, just like you. So when I was thinking about dyeing my cat’s hair, that seemed to be the logical color to choose. What do you think?” Wait… what? [...]
  2. Aggression In Cats

    Aggression In Cats

    Pet`s Agression Hint: For more related topics, see Play Therapy You're Petting your cat all wrong For a Healthy Cat: Catify Is your cat biting and/or attacking you or other people? Aggression in cats is not uncommon, but it’s unusual for it to be serious enough for people to seek professional help. Feline aggression is absolutely treatable; but to [...]
  3. Resolutions for a Healthy Cat: Catify

    Resolutions for a Healthy Cat: Catify

    Healthy Cat: Catify One word you’ve probably heard me say over and over again is one you won’t find in any dictionary: Catification. I’m a broken record about it because it is one of the most important tools I can provide you with when it comes to elevating the well-being of your cat companion as well as your [...]
  4. Resolutions for a Healthy Cat: Play Therapy

    Resolutions for a Healthy Cat: Play Therapy

    Play with your Cat! It's the New Year, a purr-fect time to recommit to the basics of improving your cat's health and happiness. We have a series on the topic, and here's the first. (We'll be posting the rest as the month rolls on. Stay tuned!) Tip #1 – Play Therapy  Play with your cat [...]
  5. How to Introduce Two Cats

    How to Introduce Two Cats

    Here's expert advice on how to introduce two cats.Hint: for more on related topics, see How to Read Cat Body LanguageThe Best and Worst Way to Train Your CatBefore You Get a Kitten The first thing folks do wrong is they go "I'm just gonna bring my cat into a room with this new cat and let [...]
  6. Your Cat’s Behavior, Cat Mojo 101

    Your Cat’s Behavior, Cat Mojo 101

    Your Cat`s Behaviour Cat Mojo is what drives and motivates a cat through his/her life with confidence and security based on three aspects -- the confident “who” (the cat in the wild or the raw, primal cat), the confident “what” (body language, what type of cat are they), the confident “where” (tree dwellers, bush [...]
  7. Which Personality Describes Your Cat?

    Which Personality Describes Your Cat?

    Personality and Your Cat Now you know what cat mojo is, and the primal instincts that motivate and get their mojo activated (hunt, catch, kill, eat, play, sleep and owning their territory). We’re going to focus on owning their territory/claiming space for a moment. Cats need to own their territory, if they don’t own [...]
  8. CAT MOJO: How To Read Cat Body Language

    CAT MOJO: How To Read Cat Body Language

    How to read Cat Body Language Jackson helps you accurately read your cat's body language. And trust us, your cat’s body language is very different than your dog’s! Here are six things your cat is trying to tell you.
  9. Play  // #TeamCatMojo Tips

    Play // #TeamCatMojo Tips

    #TeamCatMojo Tips - Play You guys have been great with sending your questions to us! This one recently caught my eye: "Got any tips about properly playing with my cat?" This is a good one! Playing with your cat should be easy enough, right? Well, sort of. Sometimes it can be difficult to gauge their [...]
  10. Wagging Tail // #TeamCatMojo Tips

    Wagging Tail // #TeamCatMojo Tips

    #TeamCatMojo Tips - Wagging Tail I've met many people at various events who are puzzled by the ways their cats try to communicate with them. One popular question is "What does my cat's wagging tail mean?" Well, first off, cat body language tells you a lot! A wagging tail from a cat definitely does not [...]
  11. Vacations // #TeamCatMojo Tips

    Vacations // #TeamCatMojo Tips

    Vacations for Your Cat When I meet with people on the street, I get a lot of questions. I’m happy to share my cat-expertise with you. That’s why we’ve started a new series of emails full of #TeamCatMojoTips!  Many of us will be taking a vacation this summer, I know I’m looking forward to a [...]

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