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  1. Scratching // #TeamCatMojo Tips

    Scratching // #TeamCatMojo Tips

    #TeamCatMojo Tips - Scratching When I meet people at various events and on the street, I often get the same question: “How can I get my cats to stop scratching my furniture?” I’m happy to help with this classic cat conundrum, but first off, never declaw. It’s inhumane, cruel, and unnecessary. Watch more on this [...]
  2. Vacations // #TeamCatMojo Tips

    Vacations // #TeamCatMojo Tips

    Vacations for Your Cat When I meet with people on the street, I get a lot of questions. I’m happy to share my cat-expertise with you. That’s why we’ve started a new series of emails full of #TeamCatMojoTips!  Many of us will be taking a vacation this summer, I know I’m looking forward to a [...]

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