Why You Should Not Toilet Train Your Cat

Toilet Train For Your Cat


In previous posts, we discussed a cat’s primal instincts (hunt, catch, kill, eat, sleep, etc.) and how important it is to nurture them. We have to ask ourselves, do things that we wouldn’t see cats doing in in the wild (wearing costumes or winter sweaters) serve their greater good? We have cats going to do their business in litter boxes, and this is a big ask to begin with because their preference is to go outdoors so “big thanks” to your cat for going in a litter box. This should be sufficient enough. It’s of the utmost importance to respect your cat is an animal. If an action is demeaning to a cat, disrespects your cat, hurts your cat, doesn’t serve their greater good, and you can tell he/she isn’t comfortable doing-it (resists, shows signs of aggression), simply don’t do-it. As a pet guardian, it’s your responsibility to love, care, and honor your cat for the beautiful animal he/she is. Hear Jackson’s additional opinions on toilet training and other common cat taboos below.

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