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Cat Buddies Large Crunch Mouse

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A large toy mouse filled with lots of organic catnip and crunch! Body is approximately 6" long with a natural felted tail, also approximately 6" long.
Why Crunch Buddies? Because they're stuffed with crunchy paper! It crackles with crinkly sounds to excite and entice your cat as they play. (Not to mention: it's got organic catnip, too. Can your cat handle it???) Handmade in Hawaii.

  • Cotton/poly blend shell
  • Stuffed with crunch paper for sound-enhanced playtime
  • Filled with high quality certified organic catnip leaves and buds

Mice come in an assortment of prints, both in bright tones and earth tones!  We'll choose for you! 

***Pictures feature an assortment of catnip mice, but price is for ONE mouse.

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