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Whisker + Box...the discerning cat's answer to the cardboard box!

You asked for it, you got it!  The gorgeous Penelope insisted on squeezing her 26 lb physique into the original Whisker+Box.  We’ve now added 2 inches in every direction the the original Whisker+Box for our larger feline friends 20 lbs and up.


Currently available in Turquoise only. We still recommend the original size for cats in the mid-teen pound range as it’s really ALL ABOUT THE SQUEEZE!

Your furry feline (or small canine friend) will spend hours happily squeezed into this mod box and will look great doing so!

The Whisker+Box design is based on the veterinary science of compression therapy which translates to a sense of calm and security for your pet.

While it may look "too small" for your big cat, it's all about the SQUEEZE.

Switch out the tattered shoe boxes sitting on the living room floor with a clean, modern object to complement your home, veterinary practice, shelter or cat cafe.

Also ideal for foster cats and mommy-cats nursing their kittens since this box promotes calm, security, and can also be disinfected.

  • Large size:  for cats 20 lbs and up
  • 14.5 long x 9.5 wide x 7.5 high

Constructed of coated nylon canvas with an eco-felt core, the box is flexible but firm enough to hold its form. Simply press back into original shape should your pet get imaginative with sleeping poses. The Whisker+Box easily unsnaps for flat storage or travel.

Also ideal for foster cats and mommy-cats nursing their kittens since this box promotes calm, security, and can also be disinfected.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Steven Einczig (Calabasas, US)

Whisker+Box Large - The Penelope Box

Reviewer avatar
Jeanne Legault (Seattle, US)
Right in it!

I'd barely gotten the box on the floor when one of our 4 cats jumped in and claimed it! Then the other 3 in succession took their turns (except for poor Biscuit, the Maine Coon who could not fit the 27 pounds worth of him!

Zoe Avery (Incline Village, US)
Favorite Kitty Bed!

My Scottish Fold loves loves this bed! She won’t touch anything furry, fluffy, or fuzzy so this is perfect! Sometimes she’s likes it with all the sides snapped in the position of a box and sometimes she likes one side down. She rides in the car in it
and it helps her with the turns. I hope they make more colors and more stable padding so when I wash it, it doesn’t get mangled and worn out over time. We are on our 3rd bed, we have them everywhere!

Megan (Bremerton, US)
Kids love it!

My maine coon Shadow and his smaller brother Georgie both love this bed. Im so glad I made the investment.

ljmaine (Pawtucket, US)
A maybe (?) for my large tabby

I ordered this when I saw the photo of the scottish fold using it with one side down. My large orange tabby (he's not 20lbs, but he's a big boy nonetheless) also doesn't like furry or padded beds. He does like firmer surfaces, like the floor, the kitchen counter & cardboard boxes. He also doesn't like to be confined - I guess it stems from his early experience on the streets. He's always looking for an escape route.
He's been in it once. I hope he warms up to it and uses it instead of the low garden center cardboard flower tray that he uses now.