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Butterfly Ball
This ball creates satisfying hunt play. It's sensor-activated butterfly starts fluttering when pushed by a stalking cat. Great excercise & entertainment.
VIEW ITEM | $29.99
Air Prey Telescoping Wand
The air prey wand is guaranteed to keep you & your kitties entertained for hours!
VIEW ITEM | $14.99
Ground Prey Telescoping Wand
Let the hunt begin! Engage your frisky feline's stalking and hunting instincts with one of our most popular toys.
VIEW ITEM | $14.99
Air Prey Copter Wand
Get the newest wand toy from Jackson Galaxy. The unpredictable helicopter swirls provide for endless kitty fun!
VIEW ITEM | $14.99
Rapid Catnip Marinater
Hate the mess of loose catnip? You can quickly marinate your cat's favorite toys with this tool.
VIEW ITEM | $14.99
Cat Buddies Catnip Stocking
Handcrafted just for the holidays and filled with organic catnip & aloha, from Hawaii.
VIEW ITEM | $7.99
Cat Buddies Catnip Mice Gift Set (leopard asst OR purple/green)
Handcrafted set of mice filled with organic catnip, ready to give or break apart the set for stocking stuffers for all the cats on your list!
VIEW ITEM | $9.99
Cat Buddies Kitty Cane Kicker
A Holiday favorite. Handcrafted Kitty Cane complete with cat ears and filled with organic catnip. Available while supplies last!
VIEW ITEM | $12.99
Go Fish Bowl
The feeder offers your cat a challenging way to "catch" their meal. Slow down meal time and keep it interesting.
VIEW ITEM | $24.99
Galaxy Spiral
Light up your holiday with the Galaxy Spiral! A circular track with LED light-up ball will keep your cat coming back for more.
VIEW ITEM | $29.99
Air Prey Telescoping Wand with Laser Attachment
This wand combines the thrill of the chase with the satisfaction of the catch. It's two toys in one and double the fun!
VIEW ITEM | $18.99
Refillable Twisted Kicker
We love the natural fibers & sleek look. It's stuffed with organic catnip & refillable so you can keep playtime potent and fun!
VIEW ITEM | $9.99

Playtime, Anytime! Kittyo lets you watch, speak to & play with your cat when you're away. You can even dispense treats.
VIEW ITEM | $249
Armarkat Classic Pet Steps, Ivory
Pet stairs are great for older cats who can't easily jump up on their favorite places, but also plain fun for all cats!
Armarkat Classic 69-inch Cat Tree, Beige
No Rock & Roll for This Cat Tree! It's super sturdy (perfect for multi-cat households), easy to clean & you can't beat the price.
VIEW ITEM | $135
Armarkat Classic 42-inch Cat Tree, Beige
This is a perfect starter cat tree! Fits most anywhere and at this price, you might want to get two.
Armarkat Classic 69-inch Cat Tree, Burgundy
No Rock & Roll for This Cat Tree! It's super sturdy (perfect for multi-cat households), easy to clean & you can't beat the price.
VIEW ITEM | $135
Cat Crawl - Mesh
We've never met a cat who didn't love a tunnel! Great to run through & to hideout in. Plus, it's easy for you to pack up.
VIEW ITEM | $14.99
Cat Crawl - Solid
These solid tunnels are sturdy and built for more zooming! You can never even connect two together for an extra long play space.
VIEW ITEM | $14.99
Comfy Cat Napper
These scent soakers will help your cat feel more at home in your home. Use them around the house to expand a cat's base camp.
VIEW ITEM | $8.99

Adopt Don't Shop is one of our favorite messages. Remind everyone that there are countless shelter animals available & ready to be loved.
VIEW ITEM | $29.95
T - I Heart Feral Cats
Help raise awareness for these special animals with a classic red heart.
VIEW ITEM | $29.95
CAT MOJO: Cat Nerd - Jacket
Showing your Cat Nerd spirit & join the nerd herd! This lightweight jacket is great for layering.
VIEW ITEM | $42.50
Youth T - My Dad's a Cat Daddy
Does your dad love cats? Celebrate his pawsomeness with this cool tee.
VIEW ITEM | $24.95
Baby Bodysuit - My Daddy is a Cat Daddy
The ultimate gift for parents & expecting parents in #TeamCatMojo! After all, it's not just fur babies we love!
VIEW ITEM | $10.95
CAT MOJO: Women's Tank - Rainbow Mojo
Our new Rainbow Mojo design is perfect for cat lovers in your life who believe in rainbows & unicorns! Cats are magical after all.
VIEW ITEM | $29.95

Total Cat Mojo: The Ultimate Guide to Life with Your Cat
NEW! This book addresses the head-to-toe physical and emotional needs of cats. The most comprehensive guide to behavior and basic cat care yet.

Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!)
A New York Times bestseller! Learn how to create living spaces that are both functional and stylish for owner and cat.
VIEW ITEM | $21.95
Catify To Satisfy: Simple Solutions for Creating a Cat-Friendly Home
Builds on principles taught in "Catification" and helps address specific behavioral issues. Has your cat left your beloved couch in tatters? We've got your back.
VIEW ITEM | $21.95

A IS FOR ANIMALS - Unisex Black Shirt
Give a gift that gives back! Perfect for any animal lover on your list!
VIEW ITEM | $29.95

Stress Stopper
Our best selling Solution helps alleviate issues caused by stress. It's a must-have because as we all know, a happy cat equals a happy home.
VIEW ITEM | $24.99
Bravo Healthy Bites Salmon Treats
High protein, healthy snacking for carnivore cats!
VIEW ITEM | $6.99
Bravo Healthy Mariner’s Medley Treats
High protein, healthy snacking for carnivore cats!
VIEW ITEM | $6.99
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