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We're thrilled to unveil our newest offering: cat product kits carefully curated by Jackson Galaxy himself. 

Our four kits are designed to make it easy for you to purchase products that will enhance your cat's life and wellbeing. Plus, each of the kits save you money! 

To celebrate our new kits, we're giving one kit to four lucky winners --- winner's choice! Enter below for your chance to win!

PLUS, use the code "KITLAUNCH" to get $10 off all kits for a super-limited time! Since our kits are already discounted, this will be the only time we'll be providing a discount, so don't miss out.

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Cat Parent Starter Kit
Congratulations on your new family member! Jackson curated a Cat Daddy-approved bundle just for you! Included are the essentials that every cat parent needs to get started.
jg cat parent starter kit 
The Super Senior Kit
Adjustments have to be made as a cat parent when your cat enters their senior years. Increased comfort, keeping a cat's body in optimum health, and also keeping the mental Raw Cat energy sharp, are all things Jackson kept in mind when putting together the essentials of the Super Senior Kit.
jg super senior kit 
Healthy Cat Kit
Give your cat a leg up in the health department! Being proactive now means potentially fewer trips to the vet later for your cat. This kit contains basic supplies to help keep your cat both physically and energetically on top of their game.
jg healthy cat kit 
Foster Starter Kit
Fostering isn't just about babysitting, it's about fostering a sense of mojo! Everything in this kit helps give the temporary members of your family botht comfort and confidence. All items can also be washed and sterilized for the next batch of fosters as well. Thank you for making a difference, one cat at a time!
jg foster starter kit
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