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Jackson Galaxy's Cat Toys

Jackson Galaxy Cat Toys

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Designed by a Cat Behavior Expert with 20+ Years of Experience

  • ✔ Jackson recommends daily play with your cat.
  • ✔ Play is vital because your cat's instinct to hunt needs to be satisfied.
  • ✔ Even passive engagement (watching, staring) is part of "the hunt."
  • ✔ Check out the 4 types of cat toys below.
  • Interactive Toys

    Designed for you to actively interact with your cat.

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    Remote Toys

    Designed for cats to play with on their own.

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    Toy Accessories

    Recharge and refresh your cat's existing toys!

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    Toys For Kittens

    These toys are especially suited for kittens.

    Kitten Toys for Kittens

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