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Air Prey Telescoping Wand with Laser Attachment

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Air Prey Telescoping Wand with Laser Attachment | Jackson Galaxy Store
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Double the fun with the Air Prey Wand with Laser! Engage the 'raw cat' in your feline friend with this toy designed by Jackson Galaxy to stimulate your cat's natural instincts to hunt.

Tips: Attach the air prey feather to the wand and let fly through the air to simulate the hunt for airborne targets. Daily play with the Galaxy Wand will get your cat's mojo running!

  1. Begin the playtime session by having your cat chase the laser dot.
  2. After a few minutes, switch to the feather, so your cat has something real to 'catch'.
  3. Repeat as desired by running your cat through several rounds of calmer stalking & more intense chasing/catching (this is what Jackson calls the "boil & simmer" method).
  4. Follow the playtime session with food, so your cat has the experience nature intended: hunt, catch, kill, then eat.


  • Comes with 1 feather toy attachment
  • 10" x 3.9" x 2" (25.4 x 9.9 x 5.1 cm)
  • Designed exclusively for Jackson Galaxy
  • Adjustable telescoping wand reaches 32" (81.3 cm)
  • Retractable cord with swivel connection prevents tangles

Special Notes: Product shown in the video is the Air Prey Telescoping Wand WITHOUT the Laser Attachment.

7 Reviews

  • 5
    Cat LOVE this toy

    Posted by Shirley Highers on Dec 7th 2017

    Holy crap my cats went WILD for this toy!! My cats never even play with their other cat toys but this one it is like they turned all primal and thought it was a real bird or something lol!

  • 5

    Posted by Tiara Sindt on Nov 18th 2017

    My cats love this! We have had some really poor quality wands before we purchased this. Even our lab loves this toy! I would highly recommend this to anyone!

  • 1

    Posted by AHerbert on Sep 9th 2017

    My cats love this toy but one pulled on it and the cord broke after playing with it twice. I know I can take it back but being from a cat expert I would expect the toy to last longer especially with the price of it.

  • 2

    Posted by Dawn A. on Aug 9th 2017

    My cats like this and it's nice and compact for storage, however, I had to cut out those green and yellow sections...they are threads which both my cats were determined to bite off and eat.

  • 5
    Cats love it

    Posted by Terrieann Smith on Jun 10th 2017

    I have two Bengal cats that need a lot of interactive play time. Being Bengals they are rough on toys. They absolutely love this and it's been holding up better than any other wand type toy I've purchased before.

  • 3
    Telescoping Toy Disappointment

    Posted by Cathy on Oct 25th 2016

    I bought this toy at Pet Smart, and my two kitties LOVED it - but sadly, after only using it for a week or so the telescoping handle fell apart. I had expected it to last at least a little while, since you know how strong kitties can be!

  • 5
    crazy cat

    Posted by laura doyle on Aug 31st 2016

    Hey Jackson, my kitty loves the air play feather with a laser. She loves to jump for her toys. Runs then jumps up to get it. Thanks. Very sturdy as she is also a biter. I mean she bites her toys. So the feathers are sturdy.