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Herbsmith Sound Kitty


Herbsmith Sound Kitty | Jackson Galaxy Store
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Sound Kitty is a glucosamine-based formula that aids in joint support by maintaining the normal viscosity of joint fluid. Sound Kitty also contains hyaluronic acid and MSM to better address joint health in cats.

Glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid help to maintain synovial fluid that lubricates joints and may help to stimulate the production of proteoglycans which help maintain the health and resilience of joints and connective tissue. Sound Kitty provides the building blocks for synovial fluid, cartilage, and connective tissues of the joint.

MSM and the herbs - frankincense and curcumin - in Sound Kitty help to maintain and support a healthy, normal inflammatory response and may help to reduce inflammation associated with normal daily exercise and exercise, play, and activity.
Ingredients: Glucosamine 250 mg, Chondroitin 100 mg, Hyaluronic Acid 2.5 mg, MSM 250 mg, Curcumin 45 mg & Frankincense 45 mg, Flax 547.5 mg.


  • 75 grams
  • Easy to use powder formula
  • 3" x 3" x 3.25"