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Purrdy Paws Soft Nail Caps for Cat Claws (40-Pack)

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Purrdy Paws are developed by a veterinarian & effectively blunt your cat's nails offering a humane alternative to declawing while protecting against problem pet scratching.

Sold in packs of 40.

Choose from three colors: Clear, Black, or Glow in the dark (green)

  • Stop damage to household surfaces: floors, doors, screens, walls and furniture 
  • Protection from scratches when your kitty gets a little too frisky
  • Safe, Non-Toxic and Easy to Apply
  • Each application of 40 nail caps lasts approximately 2-3 months until your cat naturally sheds their nail
  • Purrdy Paw all of your cat's nails or just the front ones!

Always ensure the right size by trying a cap on your pet's nail without adhesive, it should fit snugly.


  1. Trim your cat's nails - kitten claws do not need to be trimmed.
  2. Try on the nail cap (without glue) to ensure a proper fit; it should fit snugly.
  3. Once you have the correct size, simply fill each nail cap 1/3 of the way full with the provided adhesive, and gently slide the cap onto the nail.
  4. Finally observe your cat for 5 minutes until the adhesive sets and you're done!

Size Guides

Kitten: 3 to 6 months old

Small: 6 months old or 6-8 pounds

Medium: 9-13 pounds

Large: 14 pounds and up

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