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Space Kitty Express Catnip-Alternative 2-Pack Mice

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Catnip isn't the only cat-drug out there! See if your cat responds to these lesser-known cat herbs.

Explore the world of catnip-alternatives with these refillable mouse toys! They are stuffed to the brim with 100% pure tatarian honeysuckle wood and silver vine, two rare alternative cat herbs. The active ingredients in these herbs are different than the one found in catnip, but they have similar effects, and even work on some cats who do not respond to catnip.

The tatarian honeysuckle in these toys is harvested from the wild forests of the Northern U.S., it's kept frozen to lock in the citrusy smell that even human noses can detect. Silver vine is a minty herb from Asia that has been mesmerizing cats for ages, these mice are stuffed with both the fragrant fruit and crunchy dry leaves to give a unique sensory experience.

The toys are reusable, with a large, Velcro opening that can be refilled with fresh herb. The texture, size, and features of the mice engage your cat and give them the full "catch-and-kill" experience while filling their noses with kitty drugs.

This product was recognized as one of the 10 Best Cat Products of 2018 by The Conscious Cat, a longstanding and award-winning cat blog.


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