Clicker Train Your Cats The Cat Pawsitive Way!

Looking for something to do with your cat companions while at home practicing COVID-19 precautions?

Try a high-five! Or a “sit!” Train to go for harness walks or to view their carrier as their safe place.

Clicker training is easy, and we’ve laid it out for you here step-by-step. It’s fun, it’s productive, engaging and it helps elevate the bond between you. So, let’s get to it!

Scroll through the pdf below or view all 5 pages of the tutorial here.


This “Cat Pawsitive At Home” tutorial is an extension of my Cat Pawsitive program. The Jackson Galaxy Project and have put this program into place in over 100 shelters nationwide (and counting!), helping cats become more adoptable while preventing boredom and learning to engage creatively with dedicated staff and volunteers.

That’s right, folks…high-fives most definitely save lives! Learn more about our program, and how your local shelter can get involved here: