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The Seven Deadly Cat Sins!

The Seven Deadly Cat Sins!

Take my word on these tips: this is not my first cat rodeo! Even if it's something inconvenient, or you flat out disagree, you've got nothing to lose. After all, I don't just care about your cats, I care about your relationship with them, and helping you to make it the very best it can be!

1. Don’t Feed Your Cat Milk

We’ve all seen cartoon cats drinking milk from a saucer, but the truth is cats are lactose intolerant and feeding them milk can lead to serious digestive issues. While they might like the high fat content of cream, butter, ice cream, and dairy products, it’s not worth the discomfort. Stick to healthy, biologically-appropriate cat treats and water!

2. Don’t Skip Your Cat's Annual Vet Visits

Annual visits help catch health issues early, ensuring your feline family member stays in top shape. This becomes especially important as your cat ages. Unfortunately, only 40% of cat guardians take their cats to the vet every year, compared to 82% of dog guardians. We have to do better!

PS: If you need help acclimating your cat to their carrier, check out my video on the topic!

3. Don’t Dress Up Your Cat

If your cat had a say, do you really think they’d want to wear that taco costume? Cats are extremely sensitive to touch so being wrapped in fabric can cause them discomfort and stress. Clothing can also interfere with natural behaviors that are important to your cat, such as grooming, using the litter box, or even walking. Respect their comfort and well-being over getting a cute Instagram photo.

4. Don’t Force Interactions With Your Cat

Just like humans, cats value their personal space. Forcing them to interact with you can lead to stress and a negative association with you. Whether it’s petting or lap time, let your cat come to you on their terms. Pay attention to their body language and respect their boundaries to build a trusting relationship.

5. Don’t Punish Your Cat

Squirt bottles, yelling, or physical reprimands don’t work on cats—they only create fear and damage your relationship. Instead, focus on positive reinforcement and redirect them to an appropriate outlet. For example, if your cat is scratching up your furniture—an instinctive behavior that is important for their Mojo—put Sticky Paws on the couch and place a scratching post nearby so they can mark their territory on something besides your $5000 sofa. Every no needs a yes! 

6. Don’t Exploit Your Cat for Content

Don’t scare your cat, dress them up, or put them in uncomfortable situations just for social media content. This is an absolute abuse of the relationship that you have with your cat. Their comfort and safety are ALWAYS more important than going viral!

7. Don’t Declaw Your Cat

Declawing is not just a “nail trim”— it’s an amputation that permanently mutilates your cat and can lead to long-term behavioral issues. Instead, manage scratching behavior with regular nail trims, scratching posts, and deterrents like the aforementioned Sticky Paws on furniture. Cats need their claws for a variety of reasons, including balance, climbing, play, grooming, and self-defense—so if you don’t want a cat with claws, don’t get a cat! 

Final Thoughts

Caring for a cat involves understanding and respecting their needs and natural behaviors. By avoiding these seven harmful practices, you can ensure a happier, healthier life with your feline family. Always prioritize their comfort and health, and they’ll reward you with a lifetime of affection and companionship.

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