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Jackson Galaxy's Convertible Clamshell Bed is the most versatile and convertible cat bed ever made! The Clamshell is essentially 4 beds in 1 and has been designed by Jackson with the comfort of every cat in mind!

Lay it flat for a soft place to stretch out or pull the drawstring to make a cozy, safe bed your cat will nap in for hours. Test out any of the below variations to see which style of bed your cat prefers the most!

How to Convert your Clamshell:
Cinch up with gray plush side in -- during cold weather, cats enjoy the cozy snuggly warmth
Cinch up with blue polyester side in -- still a nice hideaway for cats who like to scrunch into small places, but don't want it too warm
Lay flat with gray plush side up -- a soft warm bed but without the sides
Lay flat with blue polyester side up -- still soft and comfortable, but cooler to the touch

Machine washable! Use Jackson Galaxy’s Meowt! Laundry Booster to help eliminate any pet stains and odors.

  • Soft, high quality plush inside
  • Durable polyester outside
  • Reversible and super versatile!
  • Built-in pocket to secure and protect the cinching rope
  • Easily cinch in colder weather or for added comfort & security
  • Lay flat in warmer weather or for more room to lounge
  • 35.4" x 35.4" x 3.9" (89.9 x 89.9 x 9.9 cm)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lynne Hanneman (Altoona, US)
Cozy Comfort

Out of 9 cats, 1 loves it so much the others don't have much of a chance to get in it. He looks safe and peaceful. He lived outside for most of his 5 year life, I rescued him just last year, so for him to sleep in the open is a joy to see.

Jeffrey Parmann (Milwaukee, US)

Convertible Clamshell Cat Bed

LW (Ontario, US)

Love this Cat bed! My cat Raven played with a mouse for a week, taking the mouse in and out of the bed. When he found out his mouse was safe he decided to hope in and spent the whole day sleeping in it! He loves it! 🐈‍⬛♥️
Very good quality and the drawstring makes it fit my cat purr-fect.
Thank you Jackson Galaxy!

L. (Albany, US)
My cats who don't like cat beds like this one

What I like second best about this bed is that it's adjustable. It can be incrementally adjusted to suit a cat's preference for snugness. The primary reason I like this bed is the cats like it.

Paprika (gray) is also known as She Who Sleeps On Cardboard. I got this bed in hopes of keeping her warmer in winter. I thought I'd have to put cardboard in the bottom to get her to stay in it. Nope. I put her in it last night, scritching to get her to stay. I didn't expect to find her still in it this morning. Picture proves me wrong.

Holly (gold) is a skittish kitty. She'll come to me but even after three years will still move away if I approach her. She normally sleeps in a nest of blankets in the corner. I put this bed in her chair in a partial upright configuration. She walked over the arm of the chair, down into the bed, and started purring. And! Let me walk up to her and offer a finger to sniff. She did not move away.

Neither has been willing to use any offered cat bed until now. Both have been the epitome of "get a cat a bed and she'll sleep in the box." Until this one. Yes, they each have their own.

Jennifer Karabela (Farmingville, US)
Love it! But my cat doesn’t :(

I love this bed! It is so versatile and great quality! But unfortunately my cat won’t go near the bed. He seems to be afraid of it and thinks it is a carrier. I want Duke to love this bed as much as I do!