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Good Mews

Another success story, thanks to you!
After beginning to work with Santana in the Jackson Galaxy Project’s Cat Pawsitive program, the staff and volunteers began noticing a remarkable change in her. Now through the work of the program she loves to interact with humans and has learned to make eye contact, to sit, to lift her paw, nose bump, and reach up for a target stick. The staff says that Santana is the star student of Cat Pawsitive Pro, and they expect her to be adopted very soon.
“As a trainer, it is so rewarding to see the change in Santana and how eager she is to learn something new every time we train. She sometimes likes to try to steal treats from other cats that are training but other times she will patiently wait and watch. She has such a unique personality and it has made us all more aware of her strengths and how smart she is, which we can then pass on to potential adopters. It has created a great bond between cat and trainer, and we are excited to see how far she will go,” says Vicki.
The Gifford Cat Shelter staff and volunteers agree that the biggest benefit of the program is witnessing the cats who were not adjusting to shelter life well or who were having difficulty getting adopted gain confidence. These cats are eager to learn and their true “cat personalities” shine through more and more as their confidence grows.  Thank you for your help in supporting cats like Santana!

I’d like to offer a huge thank you - both from myself, and on behalf of all the cats in need whose lives are made better through our Shop to Save Shelter Cats program! Every time you see the badge on our products, you can feel good knowing that a percentage of proceeds benefit cats just like Santana.  

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Again, I’m so grateful to you for continuing to put your money where your heart is. We couldn't do this without your support!" 


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