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Scratching // #TeamCatMojo Tips

Scratching // #TeamCatMojo Tips

#TeamCatMojo Tips - Scratching

When I meet people at various events and on the street, I often get the same question: “How can I get my cats to stop scratching my furniture?”

I’m happy to help with this classic cat conundrum, but first off, never declaw. It’s inhumane, cruel, and unnecessary. Watch more on this topic.

Scratching is a necessity — cats need to exercise the top part of their body and have an instinct to mark their territory. So, having that information, just how do you go about saving your couch?

#1 - Trim your cat’s nails.

#2 - Think about where they’re scratching. Usually, cats will pick your favorite hangouts because they want to pair their natural scent with yours. It’s kind of sweet when you think about it! Put Sticky Paws on the hot spot, then a cat scratcher right next to it so they’ll put the scent there instead of directly onto your furniture.

#3 - Figure out what they like to scratch. Some like rope. Others prefer cardboard. Here are my recommendations.

#4 - In order to lead a happy life, cats need to assert themselves territorially, but if all else fails, you can cover their natural claws with a product like Soft Paws.

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