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The same Sticky Paws you love but in a roll! Built-in serrated knife-edge cuts the product to any length for those hard to protect areas. 

  • One roll
  • 32.8 feet of product
  • 2.5" wide

DISCLAIMER: Pioneer Pet Products, LLC disclaims all warranties, express or implied (including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and of fitness for a particular purpose). Sticky Paws® may damage certain surfaces (including, without limitation, wood finishes, painted surfaces, leather, vinyl, microfiber and wallpaper), so ALWAYS TEST a small piece of Sticky Paws®  on an inconspicuous area before applying. Sticky Paws® is ineffective on surfaces treated with non-stick and/or stain-repellent products, such as ScotchgardTM.  Replace weekly. In light of these considerations, it is the user’s sole responsibility to determine whether Sticky Paws®  is fit for a particular application, and to remove Sticky Paws® promptly from a surface to which it will not adhere and properly discard it. Sticky Paws®  is not intended for animal or human consumption, and may cause injury or death. If ingestion occurs, seek immediate medical attention.  In no event shall Pioneer Pet Products, LLC be responsible for any damage to furniture or any other applications, or for any bodily injury or death to any person or animal.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jillian Williams (Houston, US)
So far so good

So far so good. It actually mad my cat mad that I took the place she likes to scratch away from her. She has left it alone so far so that's good.

Kathleen Flores (Seattle, US)
Love this stuff and the kitten does not!

Which is exactly what we wanted. We put it on the arms of our couches and on the molding around our doors where she was reaching up. She touched it once or twice and completely lost interest. We also have a couple of cardboard scratching blocks and two scratching poles that I diverted her attention to. Great product.

Karen McGrath (Ronkonkoma, US)
Great tape

Well something finally works!!! My cat has stopped clawing where I have taped off. Thanks soo much

Gail Harris (Dallas, US)
It works!

Immediately stopped kitten jumping into large plant. Just a strip of tape on a shelf edge made him stop trying. Cat still loves me cause, no yelling. 🙂

I love this product and will buy it again

I love the width and that it has a place where you are able to peel to expose sticky part. It does stop the cats from scratching and going on my counter tops. I also placed some on my table where the cats tend to sleep and it really works.