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5 Essential Tips for Life with Senior Cats

5 Essential Tips for Life with Senior Cats

A Guide to a Longer Better Life with your Cat.

In honor of November being Adopt A Senior Cat Month, I present you with some easy tips to getting your newly adopted old friend - or your not-so newly adopted old friend - living and acting their best into their golden years.

Our cats are living longer now than ever in part because we’re getting more and more proactive. Once your cat hits double digits, it’s time to reevaluate everything from their health to their behavior and keep an eye out for certain things - and that's why we are all here together in tideland today...it's all about vital longevity.

One thing I may not have stressed as hard as I should... STRESS in seniors can seriously contribute to physical issues in seniors especially. Many of the tips in this video will help stave off that particular problem.

Video Includes tips covering:

  • Vet Care
  • Nutrition
  • Senior Cat Catification!
  • Adapting to loss of acuity
  • Play with your senior cat!
  • Epilogue - and thoughts on adopting a senior cat (do it!)

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