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Do Cats Experience Grief?

Do Cats Experience Grief?

Cats Experience Grief

Yes, cats do experience grief at the loss of a another household pet, especially if they had a close-knit bond. Cats are individuals, and just like humans, their process for coping with loss will vary. Pay attention and keep an eye-out for behavioral changes. Some cats might retreat, hide, start eating less, or become clingy. Other cats might act out or misbehave (pee outside litter box, knock things over, become more or less vocal). If your cat is acting out, the actual behavior will give you insight to what he/she needs. Below, is some additional advice for cats in mourning.

  • The best thing you can do is help your cat move forward. In general, animals are better at moving forward and pushing through loss than humans. Below, are tips that will help guide your cat through the mourning process.
  • Help fill the void of the cat that passed away. Initiate play and make extra time for dedicated activity.
  • Stick to their routine. As much as possible, help them stick to their regular activities, eating, and sleeping habits.
  • Give your cat extra attention and loving care. Do things that provide a sense of comfort and ease whether that’s in the form of petting, talking, playing, or snuggling with your cat.

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