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Jackson Galaxy Solutions & Holistic Wellness for your Animal Family

Jackson Galaxy Solutions & Holistic Wellness for your Animal Family

One of the things we forget about  cats, and animals in general, is that they are energetic sponges – they absorb all of the energy that humans put out in their homes.  As a result, our stress becomes their stress. Although we use things like play to help release that pent up energy, that energetic “sponge” gets full – and that’s where my solutions come in. 

Pioneered by Edward Bach over 100 years ago, flower essences have been used as an effective holistic modality in humans since that time.  Over 20 years ago, Dr. Jean Hofve and I launched the very first company which brought together a veterinarian and a behavior consultant to formulate remedies specifically to help address the energetic needs of animals.  We sourced flower essences from literally all over the globe -- from the lava fields of Hawaii to the Himalayan mountains -- finding those that, when combined together, could help mitigate the energetic imbalance of animals living in our modern human world.

Flower essence remedies are often referred to as “energetic medicine”,  and I find that’s a helpful way to begin to understand them. It’s a pretty obvious statement  that we all have a physical body - one which can be treated by eastern and western medicine and modalities.  What is often overlooked is that we also all have an energetic body, that “sponge” that I referred to before.  In a perfect world, these bodies work in harmony – but unfortunately, we see a lot of dis-ease; imbalances and blockages are created between the physical and energetic bodies.  The energetic body must be addressed and treated equally; not just for a general sense of flow and wellbeing, but because emotional issues can easily become physical ones. When we talk about being run down – this is often when stress has become so present in our lives that it turns into a physical issue.  Toxic elements of the energetic body become physical problems. This sense of dis-ease is even more toxic to animals because whereas we can make decisions to cleanse ourselves, release pressure, and talk to others about our stress, our animal companions rely exclusively on us for relief and guidance through these times. 

We know that animals in high stress situations become more vulnerable to manifesting physical issues. The goal of Jackson Galaxy Solutions is to clear energetic blockages and  create a sense of balance and flow within the energetic body in order to create harmony with the physical. Ideally, that assistance can be given before the physical symptoms even take root, but with the help of Jackson Galaxy Solutions, that harmony can be assisted even in times of distress and dis-ease. 

Below are just a few examples of how my Solutions can help restore balance for your animals in your home:

  • Safe Space for Cats is formulated to create a sense of wellbeing around ownership of territory which is key to their overall confidence.

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  • Stress Stopper Formula is an all-around energetic band-aid that belongs in everyone’s emergency kit.  If your animal companion suffers high stress situations or moments of trauma, this formula helps calm them and restore a sense of grounding. 

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  • Obsession Formula: We see animals who, because of specific stressors in their lives, start to display OCD-type symptoms, for instance obsessive overgrooming or pacing. We formulated Obsession remedy to address this very issue.

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  • Peacemaker & Bully Formula: Cat roommates sometimes just don’t along. The difference between that situation and human roommates is that we can try to work it out through dialogue. Cats can manifest territorial anxiety through aggression and/or litter box issues. Peacemaker, added to group food and water, and misted throughout the home, can assist in restoring balance to the territory. 

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You can also add Bully topically and in the individual food of the aggressor of the group, allowing him or her to relax around others and realize that their territory is safely theirs, without need to take it forcibly from the others. 
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We have spent the last 20 plus years formulating, tweaking, listening to our many clients and responding to them in order to create what we feel to be the ultimate source of energetic balance for animals in our care.  

Flower essence remedies in general and Jackson Galaxy Solutions specifically are holistic; they are safe for all ages, and have no interaction problems with medicines that affect the physical body.  That said, it’s crucial to understand that they cannot cure physical issues – and are NOT a substitute for taking your cat to the vet if you suspect underlying physical conditions. Your veterinarian should be your first course of action.  Solutions are here to help the energetic body help the physical body. Our goal is to bring energy and physicality into harmony using the over 400 essences we have at our disposal. Based on over 20 years of satisfied customers and overwhelmingly positive feedback, we are proud to continue to offer this supplemental source of overall wellness to you and your animal family.

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