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Resolutions for a Healthy Cat: Give Love

Resolutions for a Healthy Cat: Give Love


Give Love to Your Cat

The last installment in my series of Cat Health Happiness Resolutions is…expand your circle of love. Yes, I know you love your cat, and I love that you love your cat. But think about this; the only real difference between “your” cat (the one in your lap) and “the” cat (that’s outside, under your car) is the walls of your home. By expanding your circle of love, you can be part of an ever-growing community of cat lovers taking action, and saving millions of lives around the world.

Here are my thoughts on specific ways that you can get started


Trap-Neuter- Return is the most effective and humane approach when it comes to population control of feral or community cats. The Jackson Galaxy Project has more information and resources about TNR. Check it out here. Meanwhile, over in my store, this limited edition handmade Cat Buddy is a catnip toy that sends $5 from each purchase to help support the work of The Jackson Galaxy Project.


Adopt a cat, or two or three. And encourage others to “Adopt Don’t Shop” as well. Why? If you allow your cat to have a litter of kittens, you aren’t showing love to the cats in the shelter who will die because they’re waiting for a home -- which makes adoption spaying and neutering great ways that you can show love. Look for your next pet at a local shelter or rescue group, and encourage others to do the same.


Being a foster parent is just what it sounds like: you volunteer with a rescue group to house and care for some of their rescued animals on a temporary basis. This could be to nurse an animal back to health, for kittens who are not old enough to be adopted, or because the facility simply doesn’t have the space. Either way, this job is of vital importance to your local shelters and rescue groups. They are sure to have foster opportunities and would welcome your help with open, grateful arms!


If you can’t adopt or foster but can spare some time to help animals, volunteering is an equally loving act. Every shelter and rescue needs help cleaning litter boxes, staffing adoption events, and spending time with cats and kittens to help socialize them, for example. However, your personal expertise can also save lives. Whether you’re a photographer (great photos help animals get adopted), graphic design artist, event planner for fundraisers, or grant-writer, etc., your skills can save lives!


And finally, if you can’t adopt, foster, or volunteer – you can still do something and be a life-saver through financial contributions. If you love the work that an organization does, put your money where your heart is and local animals will benefit.

Do you see where I’m going with this? If you love animals, you can show them that you love them by doing something – anything. It can be as much or as little as you’re able or want to do. Just remember this simple piece of animal-loving math – every something that you do, big or small, saves somebody.

Light, Love & Mojo!


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