The Ugly Truth About Cats and Christmas Trees

Yes, there are inherent difficulties between holiday wants from a human perspective and the natural needs of cats. But all is not Scrooged as long as you think creatively and…wait for it…COMPROMISE! Happy (and safe) holidays, #teamcatmojo!

Important Information about Cats and Christmas Trees

There is some stuff that I think is common sense but I want to make sure I drive it home.


When it comes to candles, they need to be out of reach of cats. Cats tip over candles and start fires. Cats burn themselves on candles. Make sure they are wall-mounted or a place where cats just can’t get to them. Same goes for incense.


Cats get into Christmas trees and will sometimes chew the wires for the lights. You can treat the wires with substances like “Bitter Apple.” Also. use any of my suggestions for keeping them away from the tree in general OR don’t use electric lights.

Also, there are products like LUME where you can feed electric cords through them from the tree to the outlet and your cats won’t be able to chew through it.

Don’t Forget

Turn off your tree, put out your candles and incense when you can’t supervise.


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