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Happy Tummy

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Happy Tummy | Jackson Galaxy Store
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Chronic diseases including colitis, constipation, IBD and other stomach issues have an emotional component and involve the accumulation of energetic toxins. This solution may help the animal cope with stress and clear those built up toxins.
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This product is formulated for all animals.

Jackson Galaxy Solutions are the first and only line of flower essence blends created specifically for animals by a holistic veterinarian and animal behaviorist.  These solutions have been helping to improve pet health and well-being for over 20 years.  

  • All-natural formula hat helps to bring your pet's body back into balance.
  • Apply 3-4 times a day for best results
  • How Do They work? What issues do they treat? Click here for more details and additional FAQs
  • 2 oz bottle

Ingredients: This solution contains Natural Spring Water, Alcohol (as a preservative), Essence of Lotus, Lakshmi, Full Color Spectrum, Reiki Energy, and the following essences:

 Bell Rock Vortex, Chia, Chiton, Christmas Bush, Cymbidium Orchid, Diatoms, Elm, Grecian Shoemaker, Impatiens, Lavender, Mosquito, Noni, Olive, Pineapple, Pink Fairy Orchid, Sagebrush, Sea Lettuce, Self-Heal, Sponge, White Cherry.

Special Note: We recommend consulting with your veterinarian before adding any new product to your pets care regimen. 


For animals that manifest stress in their tummies.

We all know that when times get tough, we manifest that stress in our gut. And it's no different for our animal companions.

All chronic diseases, including colitis, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease, and other stomach and bowel problems, have a significant emotional component and involve the accumulation of energetic toxins.

This formula contains remedies specifically to help your animal companions cope with stress and clear those built up toxins.

4 Reviews

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    This stuff really works!

    Posted by Matthew Lavelle on Sep 28th 2016

    My Tortie cat Minnie threw up sometimes up to 3 times a day, after using Happy Tummy it happens maybe 1 a week if that. Thank you for a wonderful product!

  • 5
    This works amazingly well

    Posted by Wendy Werthmann-Harding on Sep 6th 2016

    I am so glad I found Happy Tummy. I have a senior cat with chronic pancreatitis. The only thing my vet can do is give him steroids. He was throwing up multiple times a day, but I really didn't like the idea of him having to get shots every two weeks for the rest of his life. Even with a special diet, he continued to vomit at least 6 times a day. We started using Happy Tummy and within a couple days he stopped throwing up, and has actually regained some weight! The change has been nothing short of a miracle.

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    Posted by Carolyn on Apr 21st 2015

    Our cat, Sleepy, has always been timid and easily upset, even for a cat, throwing up when he was most nervous. As our cat family built to six his nervousness increased and he hid or stayed on the fringe of everyone a lot. After just a few days of Happy Tummy our kitten Sleepy reappeared--he is more playful, more present(!), and definitely more social! In addition, using Happy Tummy on the other cats too has decreased some of the occasional friction that occurs in a six-cat household. Works great!

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    Thought We'd Be Saying Goodbye

    Posted by Carole on Feb 6th 2015

    My beloved 14 year old tortie is a BIG girl. She used to weigh 24 lbs but we got down to 22. But a few months ago she just stopped eating. She didn't act sick but she quickly got very skinny and her bones were protruding. The vet found nothing wrong except was alarmed by her rapid weight loss. I tried Happy Tummy even though I doubted it would work. Believe it or not, in ONE DAY she started eating again! Slowly at first, but she was back on track. She lost a total of 7 lbs (!) weighing in at 15 lbs now. Something happened to her cuddle gene as she now has to be on either my husband's lap or mine -- at all times!