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The Litter Genie® Jumbo Refill offers 28 feet of refill film that can last up to 4 months for one cat, so you won’t have to constantly worry about buying and changing refills. Made with a multi-layer refill that blocks odors and keeps your home fresh and clean.

 The new Jumbo Refill lasts twice as long and uses 35% less cartridge plastic than the standard refills. Cleaning your cat litter has never been so fast and easy.

    • Ultimate odor control - The pail comes with a multi-layer refill bag with odor-locking barrier technology that prevents odor from escaping.
    • Long-lasting and sustainable - One refill lasts up to 4 months for one cat and uses 35% less cartridge plastic than the standard refills.
    • Easy to use - Refills are easy to insert, easy to dispose of. Flexible - Square refill contains continuous film, allowing you to cut and tie it to any length.
    • Time saving – One Jumbo Refill has the same amount of film as 2 standard refills which means less time spent replacing refills.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    stephanie olivera
    litter genie x2

    10/10 recommend!! if you have even one cat-get a second-this is so helpful!! i instantly got compliments on how you can’t tell i own a cat. SUPER CHEAP TOO!! worth it!!

    Sharolyn Molle (Roeland Park, US)
    Works for MORE than just kitty poop!

    Our household doesn't have a cat, but being unable to find a suitable disposal system for sanitary pads soiled by humans, we bought the Litter Genie on a hunch, and it works GREAT! Keeps odors contained, and is so easy to use. It's also attractive and doesn't need to be hidden away in the bathroom. We highly recommend the Litter Genie, and we dare to say that it can be used for ANYTHING smelly!

    Annette Sachek (Pittsburgh, US)
    Litter genie

    I absolutely love this! I only wish I had bought this years ago

    B.L. (Glenview, US)
    Excellent Product

    I bought this Litter Genie about 5 years ago. It's one of the best purchases for my cat - Sirene. I have no odor in my apartment. I have a monthly subscription for the refills. During the beginning of the pandemic, there was a shortage so now I made sure never to ran out.

    Lin Johnson (Chicago, US)
    Litter Genie works

    Bought the Litter Genie, and it works well. I can empty the cat box every day, and the Genie keeps it contained and odor free, and once a week I empty it. Works great. Refills are easy to use.