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Ever wondered what a cuddly cactus would feel like? Well, we did too!


Introducing the Oasis Cactus Pet Bed, where cats and small dogs can snuggle up and snooze the day away. Made from 100% polyester, this pet bed keeps your furry friend cool in the summer and warm in the winter. With its plush and inviting design, your pet will feel like they're lounging in a desert oasis.


Give your beloved companion the ultimate cozy retreat with the Oasis Cactus Pet Bed, providing comfort and style that will make their naptime extra special.


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Basic Info:

  • Material: Polyester, PP, EPE
  • Color: Green, Pink
  • Product Size: 17.7*17.7*16.5 inches (L*W*H)
  • Net Weight: 2.9 lbs.

Care Instructions:

  • To maintain durability, please avoid exposing the pet bed to direct sunlight. 
  • Use a vacuum cleaner or a lint roller to remove dust or pet hair. For surface stains, it is recommended to use a brush or soft cloth with water for spot cleaning, avoiding submerging the entire bed in water.

Easy maintenance: The Oasis Cactus Pet Bed features a detachable cushion and a removable cover, making it incredibly easy to clean and maintain. You can conveniently remove the cover for washing, ensuring a fresh and hygienic resting space for your pet. 

Versatile for cats and small dogs: The Oasis Cactus Pet Bed is suitable for both cats and small dogs, providing a cozy spot for them to relax. It accommodates pets of various sizes, making it a versatile choice for multi-pet households.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Blair Bristow (Greenville, US)
My cats are obsessed!

I recently rescued two kittens, and was looking for a nice cozy bed for them. They love the cactus bed, and also like to play with the flower on top.

My only reason for giving it 4 stars is that it is a little flimsy, and they are able to knock it over if they are playing on it. But other than that, it’s been a big hit!