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Kitty Holster Cat Harness, the Original Walking Vest, as seen on CBS Sunday Morning, and featured in The New York Times!

The award-winning, made-in-the-USA Kitty Holster® cat harness, the difficult-to-escape-from harness used and recommended by Jackson Galaxy on Animal Planet’s “My Cat from Hell,” includes a free training pamphlet to educate your customer and minimize the chance of their pet escaping, and provides them with a well-made harness that keeps their cat safe and sound at a reasonable price.

Sizing Info: 

XS: Chest Girth of 10–14" and Neck 5–9"
S/M: Chest Girth of 13–17" and Neck 9–12"
M/L: Chest Girth of 16–20" and Neck 10–13"
XL:  Chest Girth of 19–23" and Neck 11–15"

Neck and girth measurement locations:

Most cats in the United States are indoor cats and do not get enough exercise. Many folks would love to take their kitty for a walk, but cats in general are very reluctant to wear harnesses or are little Houdinis at getting out of them. The patented design of the Kitty Holster cat harness addresses both of these issues by providing cats with an ultra-
comfortable, lightweight and secure “clothing-like” harness that the majority of cats readily accept wearing.

While the process of putting on and taking off other cat harnesses can be very stressful for your cat and frustrating for you, putting a Kitty Holster on your cat is a simple -- and much more enjoyable -- experience for both of you. You simply drape our soft cat harness over the back of your cat and reach beneath chin and belly to secure the Velcro closures. While a good-fitting Kitty Holster cat harness is very difficult for the cat to remove, it is exceedingly easy for you to take off of your cat. The closures – one at the collar the other at the abdomen -- open in opposite directions so you simply have to grasp one with the right hand and the other with the left and pull firmly to open the harness.

The patented Kitty Holster cat harness is better for both you and your cat. Compared to other cat harnesses, the Kitty Holster:

  • is ultra-lightweight and easier for your cat to wear
  • is made of 100% breathable cotton to keep your cat comfortable
  • has an undyed cotton lining that is gentle on your cat's delicate hair and inhibits irritation to cats who may have delicate skin or skin allergies
  • is easier for you -- and less stressful to your cat -- to put on and take off of your cat
  • has no nylon, thin straps or plastic clips that can cause uncomfortable pressure points and skin abrasion
  • has no harsh webbing to break or abrade your cat's hair
  • comes in a variety of attractive patterns and colors (selection changes seasonally)
  • is durable
  • is machine washable
  • made in the USA
  • note:  Due to different dye lots, holster colors may be lighter or darker than what appears in the photos.
  • A leash is not included


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Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Sue (Hamburg, US)
My cat and I love this harness

It took a very short time for my cat to get comfortable wearing this harness. I watched Jackson's video. We use it so that she can go out on the patio.
The Velcro is secure she doesn't wiggle out. The material is flexible and soft. It does not mess up her fur. The size is perfect. I followed the video directions to fit her. I've tried other harnesses,and this is my favorite harness. She's very comfortable in it. I can't say enough how much I love this harness and being able to safely go outside with my cat.

Romeo Gomez (Wheeling, US)
Good harness

Best harness we got so far, worked great, all the ones at pet stores were way too small and uncomfortable for my cat. Worked really well. Would recommend buying it.

Rebecca Walker (Forest Hill, US)
Wonderful for my big boys.

My cats are 14 and 15 pounds respectively. I purchased one M/L and one XL size and they fit them perfectly. They were sooooo happy to go on their first walk outside. We found the holsters very easy to put on and they fit securely.

Kathy Black (Mankato, US)
Kitty holster

I have not been able to follow through and take my Kitty for a walk, or put the holster on her yet. I broke my arm at the shoulder and am having my toe amputated on Friday, so I can’t walk well. She is sleeping with the holster and getting used to it. Thanks

Mary Chetelat (Parkville, US)
Kitty Holster

I like it. I like the coverage. The Velcro REALLY holds . It takes some work to undo it and my one kitty gets a little impatient with me - just have to develop a
removal routine! I may get another!