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Introducing the Meownooker All-In-One Cat Toy Set, the purrfect playground for your playful pal!


Get ready for a paw-some adventure with our large pool table playground, complete with six fluffy felt balls for endless bouncing fun. Watch as your cat pounces and swats with joy, chasing those little balls of excitement! And let's not forget the two adorable cues that double as irresistible cat teasers, providing hours of interactive play. But that's not all! The table legs are wrapped with jute, giving your fur-baby the purr-fect spot to scratch and stretch their claws. It's a win-win for both them and your furniture!


With the Meownooker All-In-One Cat Toy Set, your furry friend will be the champion of entertainment and scratching satisfaction. Get ready to enjoy hours of laughter, play, and adorable antics!


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Basic Info:

  • Material: Jute, PVC, Chipboard, Sponge, Polyester, EPE, Steel wire 
  • Product Size: 22.4*18.3*41.3 inches (L*W*H)
  • Product Net weight: 22 lbs.

Care Instructions:

  • This product is made of natural jute rope. To maintain its durability, please avoid exposing the tree to direct sunlight. 
  • Use a vacuum cleaner or a lint roller to remove dust or cat hair. Do not use wet wipes.

Large pool table playground: The set features a spacious pool table playground that provides ample room for your cat to explore, play, rest, and exercise their natural hunting instincts.

Six felt balls: With six soft and fluffy felt balls included, your cat will have a blast chasing, batting, and swatting their new favorite toys.

Two cat teaser cues: The set comes with two adorable cues that double as irresistible cat teasers, perfect for interactive play sessions and stimulating your cat's curiosity.

Easy assembly: The Meownooker All-In-One Cat Toy Set is designed for hassle-free assembly, allowing you to quickly set up the playground and start the fun in no time.


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Customer Reviews

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Donna Plichta (Old Bridge, US)
Cat pool table

I have three cats and thought they would love this!! They all started out using the top, (green felt) as a scratching pad. I had to put it away for a while. I then covered it with a small blanket until they get used to it, now they hide underneath! I think it will just take additional time for them to actually play and swat the balls into where they should and stop scratching on the green felt!!