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Sustainably Yours Natural Cat Litter - Multi-Cat Plus Extra Odor Control is a GAME CHANGER!  


When it comes to controlling litter box odor, some cat lovers can never get enough of a good thing. That’s why we created Multi-Cat Plus!
Our special corn-cassava blend goes through an extra processing step for performance that’s unsurpassed. Plus, we add more cassava for improved clumping and odor control – a must for litter boxes that are frequently used.


Lasts longer than other brands due to superior clumping!


100% sustainableSustainably Yours is made from corn and cassava, two crops that are completely natural, renewable and biodegradable. Also known as yuca or manioc, cassava is an edible, tropical plant grown worldwide.


A clean you can see!™ - This litter is whiter than other plant-based brands. Which makes it easy to keep the litter box tidy and spot differences in your cat’s urine. If you detect any changes, please consult a veterinarian!


Stops odors on contact The specially prepared corn in Sustainably Yours has exceptional odor-fighting properties. It instantly neutralizes offensive smells without added chemicals, and keeps on working – no matter how many cats you have.


Low dust, chemical & fragrance free - Sustainably Yours is made in a proprietary way that virtually eliminates dust. It doesn’t contain any chemicals or fragrances. Plus, it’s formulated for minimal tracking!


Clumps firmer & faster - The cassava in Sustainably Yours is naturally rich in starch. It works exceptionally well with corn starches to form remarkably solid clumps. These clumps not only entrap any residual odor but unlike ordinary plant based litters, they can easily be scooped out without breaking or crumbling.


So sorry to our international customers, but at this time, this product only ships to U.S. addresses.

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  • 13 lb. bag
  • Limit 2 per order (due to shipping weight)
  • Unscented
  • Multi-cat litter
  • Place a layer of approximately 2 to 3 inches into a litter box. Scoop out soiled litter at least once a day.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 180 reviews
Denise (Baltimore, US)
Best I have used

I have a senior Sphynx cat, she has always been very picky about litter. I have tried them all, from corn and wheat to newspaper . She refused most and would only use the box occasionally preferring the mat under her box to do her business. I went to Petco and found Sustainably Yours and bought a bag and my picky little lady is back on track. I love this litter. It clumps very well and is so much easier to scoop, plus it does not stink. Finally after spending a ton of money on World's Best, Dr. Elsey's and other brands, I have found the one. My only beef is the bag is small, but it lasts since it clumps so cleanly . Thank You Jackson Galaxy for this wonderful product.

S.A.O. (Phoenix, US)
Coarse Grain..less tracking

I have been using this litter since I first saw it at the pet store with Jackson Galaxy endorsement. I normally buy the multicat variety and now I look for the coarse grain as it seems to have less tracking than the original version that has the consistency of fine sugar. My cats love it, it is easy for me to scoop and doesn’t stick to the litter box. I am a kitten foster also and I’ve used it for young kittens who have graduated from paper pellets. Some kittens seem to think it is tasty so I’ve been careful to watch them during their first experience with it. Seems after another week on paper pellets they figure out it isn’t food.

Jennifer M Lane (Yorktown Heights, US)
Great feel for the cats and easy for me tohandle

This litter is great! I had purchase "natural" litter locally (wheat based), but it smelled awful after pees or poops. And it attracted flies. Not so with this litter.

Marcia Holly (Erie, US)

Have used this product for a while, also purchased through Amazon. Also had used this type of litter from Littermate until they went out of business and so thankful to find Sustainably yours cat litter. Lasts a long time but is costly. Thank you.

Kakki Smith (Albion, US)

I really like this cat litter. It clumps super fast and my cats stay nice and clean. We dispose of it in our vacant field and after a rain it is completely absorbed back into the ground. A great recycled product.