“Everything in the store is tested by me and cat-approved, so shop with confidence!”

Get. It. All. The only thing missing from this deluxe sampler is the kitchen sink. 

  • Bravo Healthy Bites
    • Chicken Breast (1.5oz)
    • Salmon (1oz)
    • Turkey Breast (1oz)
  • Bravo Healthy Medley
    • Mariner's Medley (0.75oz)
    • Chicken (1.5oz)
    • Turkey (1.25oz)
    • Nulo Purees
      • 6 x Chicken Puree (6 x 0.5oz)
      • 6 x Chicken and Salmon Puree (6 x 0.5oz)
      • 6 x Tuna and Crab Puree (6 x 0.5oz)
    • Inaba Churu packages
      • Chicken package (2oz package)
      • Chicken with Crab  package (2oz package)
      • Tuna package (2oz package)
      • Tuna with Salmon  (2oz package)
      • Tuna with Chicken  (2oz package)


        Bravo treats:

        All natural, raw, freeze dried simple ingredients, no added antibiotics or hormones, no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors, grain and gluten free, high in protein 

        - Bravo Healthy Bites:

        Chicken breast



        - Bravo Healthy Medleys: 

        Mariner's Medley: raw salmon, cod, and shrimp

        Chicken Medley: chicken breast, liver, and gizzard

        Turkey Medley: turkey breast, heart, liver, and gizzard

        Nulo Purees

        Without tapioca starch or other artificial thickeners, high moisture content

        Inaba Churus

        Grain-free, preservative-free, high moisture content treats


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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 6 reviews
        Customer (Charlotte Hall, US)
        Great treats

        Expensive but worth it!

        Launi R (Grand Coulee, US)
        Best cat treats around!

        My cats knew this box was THEIRS from the moment I walked it in the door. They absolutely go nuts for each kind of treats in this package. They salivate whenever they see the packages even! Kinda pricy, but super good quality and my 4 cats would each give the bundle TWO THUMBS UP...if only they had thumbs! I've already ordered more, so it definitely gets TWO THUMBS UP from me!

        S.J. (Savannah, US)

        My wife purchased this bundle for her cat. Pooky is crazy for this stuff. When his Cat Mommy is away, he will have me follow him to where she stores his treats and expects me to serve him. My wife monitor's his treats and since I'm heavy handed and a pushover when it comes to our pets, she forbids me from giving him treats. I got scolded severely for giving him too much. He upchucked because he was so full! Now, all I can say is, sorry buddy, I can't give you anything. My wife serves the "squishes and crunchies", as she calls them, as food toppers! He runs with anticipation as she places his dish!

        Sharon forney (Moorestown, US)
        Kitties love their treats

        Wanted to try some new treats for my fur babies and knew they would be more nutritious then what i was giving them. They love the assortment and so do I

        Jennifer Balesteri (Oakland, US)
        Exceeded Expectations!

        WOW! What a HUGE sampler pack! Here’s the really great news too…all four of my kitties are SCARFING DOWN! They LOVE the freeze dried treats and the tube treats are their JACKPOT treats!❤️ Poof, Tuna, Figaro (and my Napoleon cat) Merlin look forward to the gigantic selection and I feel GREAT knowing I am feeding my raw cats a good for them treat🐆. Thanks Jackson for educating me of their all meat diets and for providing these treats!