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Whisker + Box...the discerning cat's answer to the cardboard box!

Your furry feline (or small canine friend) will spend hours happily squeezed into this mod box and will look great doing so!

The Whisker+Box design is based on the veterinary science of compression therapy which translates to a sense of calm and security for your pet.

While it may look "too small" for your big cat, it's all about the SQUEEZE.


Switch out the tattered shoe boxes sitting on the living room floor with a clean, modern object to complement your home, veterinary practice, shelter or cat cafe.

Also ideal for foster cats since this box promotes calm, security, and can also be disinfected.

  • Regular size:  for cats up to 17 lb
  • 12.5 long x 7.5 wide x 5.5 high

*If your cat is larger, over 17 lbs, be sure to check out the large Whisker+Box, The Penelope Box!

Constructed of coated nylon canvas with an eco-felt core, the box is flexible but firm enough to hold its form. Simply press back into original shape should your pet get imaginative with sleeping poses. The Whisker+Box easily unsnaps for flat storage or travel.

Also ideal for foster cats since this box promotes calm, security, and can also be disinfected.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Toni Stodden (Monument, US)
Whisker Box

Love this!!! At first kitty didn’t go in… added the catnip flower from yeeeow. .. now she’s in there constantly!!! She loves sleeping in it!!! ❤️🌸

Nancy Sweiven (Seattle, US)
Give me cardboard!

Mom thinks it is a beautiful well made box but Sam says he prefers his cardboard box🤦🏼🤷🏼so I have gifted on to my brother’s kitty, Frankie, who has definitely taken ownership but mostly for sitting not snuggling. I guess Frankie is a stretch it out snoozer not a curl it up snoozer like Sam. Love the different personalities!

Sylvia Canty (Denver, US)
Happy Cat

The Whisker Box is a big hit for our senior cat! She can often be found sitting in it or snoozing. Call it a win!

Heidi McLaughlin (Santa Ana, US)
Comfy looking Little flexible box

It's a Christmas Gift for our 3 kitties. It should be fun to watch the Big Guy squeeze into it! The little fluff ball will fit in just fine... the Alpha cat Gus, will be indifferent is my guess...

Pancake Fierro (Tulsa, US)

My cat absolutely loves the whisker box. I was wondering if she would like it but she loves small boxes, especially cardboard ones. She kind of had to get used to a new item in the bedroom but once she found out what it was, she is always sitting in it.