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Calm is formulated to address stress, anxiety, and worry in humans. It supports peace and grounding. Our energy affects our cats. Holistic solutions can help us, and our animals. Use consistently over time for best intended results. eg: to prepare for a stressful event, begin using a week prior.

Praise from Jackson Galaxy: "An incredible line of products. All of these help promote natural, health-giving forces of body and soul."

Ideal for:
  • Stressful events/situations, overwhelm, worry
  • Feeling unable to meet responsibilities
  • Overwhelm due to personal/professional obligations
  • Restless, agitated, swirling mind and thoughts
  • Insomnia

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    • 1 ounce bottle with dropper top
    • all organic and biodynamic flower essences
    • all-natural, non-toxic, holistic
    • one-month supply
    • formulated with love and above especially for fellow cat lovers

    How to use:

    • Shake bottle, then take 4 drops on tongue or in water 4x/day
    • Alternatively, place drops on the skin at pulse points; you can also add them to baths, or spray/mist your body
    • Use consistently over time, for best intended results
    • This 1 oz. bottle lasts approximately one month when used consistently (4 drops, 4 times daily)

    If stored properly flower essences last indefinitely. Proper storage is easy: keep the bottle upright, and away from heat and bright light.

    Special Note: Flower essences work best as part of a holistic self-care program. They are not for those looking for a quick fix or 'magic potion.' Their effect can be subtle yet powerful; and they are most effective when used consistently and respectfully. Consult your doctor before adding any new product to your health care regimen. Keep out of reach of children and pets. • Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Ingredients: Spring water, brandy (preservative), organic and biodynamic flower essences of elm, self-heal, white chestnut, cherry plum, clematis, impatiens, rock rose, star of bethlehem


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Azucena White

    I love it and I would love to order it again, but I couldn't find it in your new website.

    Hi Azucena! Thank you so much for leaving a review. Here's the link for Calm: https://www.jacksongalaxy.com/products/calm-stress-relief-for-humans?_pos=1&_sid=6779bbe00&_ss=r

    Lynn Wells (Port Orange, US)
    Love it!

    This works great! I use 4 drops on my tongue 3-4 times while at work and it keeps me calm. Definitely helps stress level decrease. I even got one of my coworkers to order some!

    Schuster, Gabriele (Portland, US)
    It works

    I recently got a bad diagnosis for my dear feline companion. I’m heart broken and this product is helping me to stay centered and positive. I’m able to function at work and take good care of my beloved cat.

    Melissa S. (Houston, US)
    Great product

    This product is great, it has really made a different in my stress level. I started using it on pulse points, and by the 13th day I could tell a huge difference. I'll keep some of this around all the time from now on!