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LARGE WATER CAPACITY: 128 ounce water capacity is great for pets of all sizes or multiple pets

ENCOURAGES DRINKING with CUSTOMIZABLE STREAMS: Choose from 5 different stream attachments to customize the free-falling water streams depending on what your pets like best! You can also twist the top to adjust the water flow speed. Note, however, that this fountain is not able to produce a slow drip-drip-drip of water.

DUAL-FILTRATION: a carbon filter and foam filter removes pet hair, debris, bad tastes and odors, plus the constant water circulation helps prevent bacteria growth.

MULTIPLE PETS: Innovative 360 design is perfect for multi pet households

EXPERIENCE: PetSafe brand has been an industry leading U.S manufacturer of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products since 1991, helping millions of people and pets each year

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    • HYGIENIC STAINLESS STEEL: scratch and rust resistant
    • LARGE WATER CAPACITY:128 ounce water capacity
    • EASY TO CLEAN: Just place the fountain in the top rack of the dishwasher and hand wash the pump separately.
    • INCLUDED IN BOX: Pump, Carbon Filter, Foam Filter
    • REPLACEABLE PARTS: Carbon Filter #3 (PAC00-13712) here, Foam Filter #5 (PAC00-13711) here
    • Replacement Pump (PAC00-13206)  Replaceable Parts can be purchased through PetSafe.net


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    David M (Cobb, US)
    We love this PetSafe Ddrinkwell 360 Degree Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

    Pros: Solidly constructed; Very Quiet; Multiple Streams for Cats; Large 128 oz capacity.
    Cons: Unwieldy to lift off floor - especially if full of water; Needed significant strength to set 3 clips that hold cone to bowl. Perhaps I was doing it wrong. Suggest mfgr provide a youTube video illustrating setup.

    Simona Ciarlo (Bourbonnais, US)
    My cats LOVE it!

    I have tried many different "fountains" for my cats but they love this one because it's tall and they can keep their heads up instead of drinking from the bottom. They use it more than other water bowls and fountains I have throughout my home.

    Edward Disanza (Queens, US)
    Very nice pet drinking fountain

    The drinkwell 360 water fountain is very nice, well made and my 2 cats Massimo and Bella enjoy drinking water out of this fountain daily.

    Catherine Provencher (Torrington, US)

    My Mainecoon and my texedo cat's love this. Sturdy and big enough for the two cats. My rescue tuxedo cat wouldn't drink out of a bowl always headed to the tub. Not anymore, yea.
    Love this product.

    Leslie FitzGerald (Canyon Country, US)
    Best Water Fountain EVER !

    It has my two cats drinking so much, and they are out of the toilet now! I can't believe how often I have to fill it! BEST DEVICE EVER, and well worth the money