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World’s Leading Motion-Activated Deterrent

Curious cats and dogs love exploring areas they shouldn’t, like your kitchen counter or trash can. SSSCAT® Automatic Spray Pet Deterrent keeps pets away from unwanted areas, making for a more pet-friendly home. Our automatic spray deterrent senses your pet’s motion from up to 3 feet away and emits a quick, odorless spray as a gentle reminder to stay away from off-limits areas. Think of it as a second set of eyes that can help protect your pet from hazards in the home. 

Turn counters, tables and more into off-limits zones for your cat and dog

No need to constantly monitor your pets around the coffee table or plants. The motion-activated SSSCAT senses when your furry friend is nearing and within 3 feet, it’ll release a timely spray, deterring your cat or dog instantly. You can even use SSSCAT to stop your cat from treating your sofa like a scratching post! Eventually, it’ll teach your pet which areas they need to stay away from to discourage repeat behavior. And with up to 120 sprays per unit, it’s as efficient as it is effective.

Safe for your pet and furniture

You don't have to compromise on safety to maintain a well-ordered home. Our pet deterrent spray is odorless, harmless, and perfectly safe for your beloved cat or dog. Plus, it won't stain your furniture, so you can place it anywhere with peace of mind.

A refreshing take on a reliable classic

Meet the new generation of SSSCAT – sleeker, sturdier, and more convenient than ever. Its modern design not only complements your home décor but it's also more resilient, resisting curious swipes and playful tail wags. Plus, refilling the device is now a breeze, offering a hassle-free solution for busy households seeking a reliable cat counter deterrent.

Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to keep your cat healthy, safe and happy!

For replacement air canisters, check out the Spray Deterrent Refill.

  • World’s leading motion-activated deterrent
  • Automatically senses pets up to 3 feet away and emits a quick, odorless spray
  • Train your pets to stay away from off-limits areas and to stop scratching furniture
  • Contains up to 120 sprays per can
  • Odorless, stainless spray is safe for cats and dogs
  • Will not stain or damage furniture
  • Resistant to accidental knocks from your pet’s tail
  • Easy and hassle-free refill mechanism
  • Powered by a non-ozone-depleting propellant
  • Replaceable refill cans available in single and 3-packs
  • Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included)

What's included:

  • SSSCAT® motion-activated spray holder
  • Replaceable unscented spray can
  • Quick start guide
  • One-year limited warranty (Call 1-800-732-2677 or email info@petsafe.net)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Diane Boyle (Denver, US)
Disappointed spray doesn’t deter younger kitty

My year old kitty just lays down on the floor. Doesn’t get leaving shamrock plants alone. My movement sets it off. Funny but annoying. Diane